Citizens like you!

For the right of foreign residents to vote

We are at the beginning of a year full of electoral contests that will put on the table irrefutably the lack of democratic quality of a society that excludes of the decision-making to a very important part of people whom their daily lives are directly affect for these decisions.

In this sense , although about15 % of the Catalan population is foreigner from many different places, the reality is that most of these men and women will not be able to exercise their right to vote, or it will be restricted, in the next elections 

Unfortunately , the Spanish foreign policy has been always limited to understand the migratory phenomenon as a matter of managing flows or border control, such as show the recent events in Ceuta and Melilla or the CIE ’s controversy.

This way to focus immigration, basically on legal and administrative aspects, has relegated the creation of settlement policies , of equal opportunity , of fight against labor discrimination and promotion of social, union and political participation

We have always claimed that itis ethically , socially and politically unacceptable this restrictive approach of migration that threat the coexistence and social cohesion of our society and contributes to eliminate participation of thousands of foreigners in a regular administrative situation

These people , although they contribute with their labor to the growth of our society and pay their taxes, can see how their right to exercise their fully citizenship is denied:   the right to vote , the right to choose and be chosen, definitely, the right to review the policies that affect them

From which democratic logic, a considerable part of the Catalan population can be leave out of the democratic representation system?

We believe that we are facing a democratic health question, where the keyword is the citizenship and the policies that developit; that must guarantee equal opportunities, coexistence, social cohesion and fight against discrimination, as well as the full recognition of the right tovote

This is a decisive democratic conquest with a high symbolic content:   Is not possible to talk of democracy or genuine integration if the right to vote of an important part of the population is denied.

From this point of view, we believe that immigrant’s participation in all the areas of the society, but especially the political participation, whose maximum expression is the right to vote, still remains the main challenge of a radically different policy in the social integration of immigrants

That's why we call upon the various political for cesto undertake the necessary steps to extend the right to participation in democratic elections, which means the right to choose and be chosen, to foreigner residents in our country. But we also want to extend this appeal to the who lecivil society in order to be added to this demand

In these times, when from different social settings is raised the need of re think what model of state and country we want, and to launch a constituent process that involves a change towards an egalitarian and participatory social, economic and political model, we consider that isessential to put in the center of the debate the concept of full citizenship, linked to residence and not nationality, because cannot be conceived a society considered fully democratic without the full equality of all members